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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Over 15,000 dryer vent fires happen in the U.S. annually!

In Island & Skagit County alone, the Fire Dept. responds to multiple calls because of lack of maintenance of these appliances and their duct work. Besides a lack of cleaning with these systems, a common problem is the use of the flexible, plastic or foil connectors from the dryer to the duct work. These connectors are not listed to be used with these appliances. Even though the hardware stores sell them and they are used frequently, they are not designed for this purpose. On most dryers you will find a label on the back stating not to use this type of connector. The use of a UL Approved dryer venting material is recommended. The National Fire Prevention Assoc. recommends using solid metal duct work or a UL Listed connector. All- Serv can replace the improper connector with a proper one. Below are some links to help further educate our customers on this subject:

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