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Class A Chimney Systems

Class A Chimney Systems

These systems are commonly referred to as: metal chimney pipe, triple wall chimney or solid pack chimney.  These systems are designed for normal  operation flue gas temperature between 300-700°F. Although they have a high temperature degree rating of between 1700- 2100°F, this is only for brief periods- in the event there is a chimney fire.   Since stainless steel properties break down at temperatures above 950 degrees, if you have had a chimney fire your system has probably experienced temperatures in excess of 1700 degrees and the system will need to be replaced.  Some of these systems are well over 25 yrs. old and have had multiple flue fires and damaged inner liners.  Just because your Class A chimney looks fine on the outside doesn't mean it is still adequate for use with your fireplace or wood stove.

Here are a few signs that your system has been compromised from high temperatures of a flue fire: rusted or missing chimney cap, rust stains running down the outside of the chimney or chase, rust in the stove or fireplace coming from the flue.  If your system shows any of these signs, it is possible that it is time for replacement.

We install Metalbestos, Security, Super Pro, Dura Vent , Dura Tech and Dura Plus chimneys.  Please contact All Serv Chimney Service for an inspection to determine the safety of your system.

Residential chimney service areas:  Freeland, Clinton ,Langley, Greenbank, Coupeville, Oak Harbor, Whidbey Island
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